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Why a 35mm film Wedding Photography Add-On is Worth It.

April 19, 2023

a film photo of a couple in a lake during the engagement session in chicago illinois


a couple photographed on 35mm film

This couple isn’t new if you’ve been following me since last summer. BUT, these film scans deserved their own post. These two are the most photogenic couple ever, which obviously made it a dream to shoot their engagement and wedding photos. Throwing some 35mm film wedding photography into the mix made for absolute magic.

Film is a big part of who I am as an artist.

I shoot film leisurely and have been for the past eight years. It has always been fun for me to shoot while in Europe or while working on a personal project. But, I rarely used it for client work. Part of me enjoyed keeping this aspect of photography to myself. Film was a hobby, something I could be intentional with for taking photos of my travels, family, and friends. But, as I have grown in my craft, I realized that the work I loved the most was different than what I had been creating for my clients and it was time I merged the two.

Why 35mm film on your wedding day?

Are you getting married soon and are struggling to find a photographer who has something special? If so, and you’re looking to add a little ✨spice✨ to your wedding day, then a 35mm film wedding photographer might be just what you need.

While digital photography has become king in the industry, there is something about film photography that captures the essence of a moment like nothing else. The colors and ✨vibes✨ it brings cannot be duplicated (trust me, I have tried.) 35mm film cameras have been around for decades, and their popularity has seen a resurgence in recent years. (Special thnx to Gen Z/Alpha for driving up the price of my favorite film stocks.)

Five Reasons Why Film is the Move

  1. The beauty of film: There is a certain aesthetic that comes with film photography that cannot be replicated with digital cameras. Film has a warmth and depth that makes the images feel more like a page out of a history book and less like your college photo albums on facebook (ope.) This is especially true for wedding photography, where if you’re dressed to the nines, a photo taken 50 years ago could look like it was taken today.
  2. Timelessness: Film photographs have a classic quality to them that will never go out of style. While digital images can be edited and manipulated to fit current trends, film photographs will always look timeless and classic. (But I am all about editing your digital photos in a timeless way, so don’t fret if you’re reading this and panicking about your digital photos being trendy ;))
  3. Attention to detail: When shooting with film, photographers have to be more intentional with their shots because the have less room for error. This results in a more thoughtful and intentional photograph.
  4. Nostalgia: There is a sense of nostalgia that comes with film photography, especially for those who grew up with it. For many, it brings back memories of flipping through photo albums with images of their parents or grandparents from years past. If you know me, you know I have film photos of my grandparents hanging up on my wall, so incorporating film on my wedding day is a must.
  5. Unique look and feel: Film photographs have a unique texture and grain that is not found in digital images. This gives the images a one-of-a-kind look and feel that cannot be replicated with digital cameras.

Another thing to consider.

If you’re considering 35mm film wedding photography for your special day, make sure to find a photographer who specializes in film. They will have the expertise and equipment needed to capture the beauty and essence of your wedding day on film.

35mm film wedding photography is making a comeback for a reason. Its timeless quality and unique look and feel make it the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their wedding album. So, why not consider 35mm film for your wedding day? Scroll to see some of my favorite film shots Olivia and Ryan from their wedding and engagement.

End of roll vibes. No editing or filters. IT CANT BE DUPLICATED
a photo of a couple that explains why 35mm film wedding photography is worth
35mm film engagement session by a luxury wedding photographer
Magic. Pure Magic.
35mm film wedding photography
35mm film wedding photography

Developed and scanned by Bellows Film Lab in Wicker Park.

Slowly adding film packages to my 2023 and 2024 weddings. So, if you’re interested in having 35mm film shot at your wedding, mention it on your inquiry form. Click here to inquire.

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