The Ten Best Places to Get Married in Italy: As Picked by an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer

December 7, 2022


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Searching for the best wedding venues in Italy?

*** This article is purely anecdotal, but as a destination wedding photographer who has an affinity for all things Italy, and as a recently engaged girlie who did plenty of research on having her own destination wedding in Italy, I thought this was a necessary blog post to put together. Below you will find ten of the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy, as well as any information I collected while inquiring with each venue. Ultimately, due to reasons outside of our control (ie. aging relatives and a lot of our close friends having babies) we decided that our big day will be stateside, but we haven’t yet ruled out eloping on the Italian coast before then.

1. La Badia di Orvieto

This castle villa somewhere in between Montepulciano and Rome HAS MY HEART. La Badia di Orvieto was my top choice for our wedding, as it is one of the more *chefs kiss* affordable wedding venues I came across while searching for a wedding venue in Italy. Its ancient ruin vibes with stone archways that overlook the rolling hills of greenery are breath taking, AND your rental includes entire castle for the night (two nights if on a weekend between April and October) to accommodate up to 75 people.

I was quoted the cost for a Monday – Thursday one night rental at $9500 with catering starting at 150 euro per person, which I thought was insanely reasonable compare to some of the quotes I got for wedding venues in Chicago. If you’re looking to get married on a budget in Italy, this venue during the week is an absolute steal, and the weekend rate isn’t that much more (but multiply by two.)

best wedding venues in italy
*image found on pinterest

2. Convento di Amalfi

Convento di Amalfi was another one high up on my list, but ended up being way over our budget in terms of minimum spend (don’t quote me, but I am pretty sure I was quoted a minimum spend of 40,000 euros in the off season and higher during peak season. I was trying to convince my fiance it would be cheaper to get married in Italy than Chicago and this did not help my case lol.) This ancient ruins venue sits a top of an NH Collection Grand Hotel and overlooks Porto di Amalfi and il mare Tirreno.

Image from Exclusive Italy Weddings

3. Il San Pietro di Positano

Il San Pietro di Positano. This hotel has one of the most beautiful views overlooking Positano (a little further outside of the touristy hub of town, but worth it) as well as incredible rooms, Michelin star restaurants, and amenities for your guests. It also has a private beach club and swimming pool, and would be a great all-inclusive way to celebrate your wedding weekend from start to finish.

4. Le Sirenuse, Positano

Le Sirenuse is just breathtaking. I saw a wedding happening on the rooftop of this venue when we were on vacation this summer and that was when I knew we had to look into having our wedding in Italy. This is the perfect micro wedding location, as its rooftop capacity is for twenty guests, but the location and hotel is just… beyond dreamy.

via @ohhcoture on instagram
Photo taken by me in Positano this past summer. A dream. Le Sirenuse is right next to that church with the gold dome (Chiesa di Santa Maria Assuna)

5. Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello, Lake Como: I am not a Star Wars fan, but apparently Episode II was filmed at Villa Balbianello, so that’s cool. But what’s cooler is having your wedding in Lake Como at an absolutely gorgeous villa that overlooks the lake.

6. Villa Balbiano

Villa Balbiano, Lake Como: Across the lago from Balbianello you’ll find Villa Balbiano, a luxury wedding photographer’s dream wedding venue. Just looking through the website alone makes me want to cry. It is an absolutely breathtaking villa with stunning gardens, accommodations for up to 28 guests, and includes a boat ride on the lake on your wedding day. A quick look through google and pinterest will have you ready to hop on the next plane to Milan. But clench your Gucci bag, because this wedding venue can cost upwards of $100,000USD to rent out for the weekend. Their day rental starts around $30,000.

This single photo does not do this venue justice at all, please do a deep dive and thank me later. Image via google.

7. Chiostero dei Domenicani

Chiostero dei Domenicani, Lecce: This is a large, stunning hotel in Southern Italy that can accommodate a large wedding. The archways are EVERYTHING. Would absolutely die to photograph a dreamy destination wedding here.

8. Grotta Palazzese

Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare: Grotta Palazzese is another one of my favorites, partly because it’s a train ride away from my grandparents hometown and partly because Polignano a Mare is one of my favorite little beach towns in Puglia. First of all.. THIS HOTEL IS IN A LITERAL CLIFF. It is beyyyyond incredible with the most stunning views of the sea! Also, Polignano is just a beautiful town that would be great to walk around for wedding photos. When not booked out for weddings, Grotta Palazzese has an incredible restaurant with an amazing tasting menu, so if you don’t have your wedding there and are ever in Puglia I highly recommend making the trip.

9. Masseria Grieco

Masseria Grieco, Ostuni: Also in Puglia, Masseria Grieco gives you more Italian countryside than seaside vibes, but in the most spectacular way. If you’ve been to Puglia before, you’ll notice this Pugliese architecture standing out in the photo below, which I absolutely love. This country resort can accommodate all of your guests in its various rooms and suites, and also has an outstanding farm to table restaurant. You really cannot go wrong with food in Italy, but food in Southern Italy makes my heart sing and is home to my roots, so I am a bit biased.

best wedding venue italy has in puglia
Image via Mr and Mrs Wedding in Italy.

10. Villa Aurelia

Villa Aurelia, Rome: Last, but certainly not least, on my list is villa Aurelia in Rome. I visited Rome for the first time last summer an absolutely fell in love with it. This villa in particular would be such an incredible place to host your guests for a wedding weekend because it would allow them to explore Rome with easy access to high speed rail to continue their vacation after your wedding, but the villa itself is stunning with several different options within the building or on the grounds to have your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. I mean.. does it get any better?

best wedding venues italy has in rome
Image via Villa Aurelia’s website.

The best wedding venues Italy has to offer at many different budgets.

Planning any wedding is stressful, but planning a destination wedding abroad can be a whole different level of stress. Especially when you can’t easily tour multiple venues. Italy is a beautiful country with so so so many different options, and these are just ten of the dozens of venues I found while searching for my own!

Need help finding a venue or a planner in Italy? You’re in the right place. Shoot me an email or fill out my contact form and I’ll be happy to share a list I’ve compiled with you!

Planning on getting married in Italy in 2024 and need a photographer? Also reach out. I am looking to book a full month or two in Italy and will be offering discounts on my travel fees for the first few couples to book 🙂



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