Annie & Vic’s Chicago Lakefront Proposal

April 1, 2022


When I tell you these were the worst conditions I’ve ever shot portraits in, I mean it. 😂 It was 30 degrees, raining, and there were 20mph winds that made my hands numb and my winter jacket drenched. But Vic had this planned out for months and we were not about to let mother nature deter him from proposing to his best friend, Annie. Fortunately, due to the weather, the lakefront trail was completely empty and allowed for me to hide out near the back doors of the Shedd Aquarium while I waited for Annie and Vic to arrive (it was made even more brutal by a forgotten pair of gloves on my end, lol.) Despite it all, Vic pulled off the perfect surprise, and the rain made for some of the most romantic, cinematic photos ever.

© Arielle Gallione Photography, LLC 2022

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